Laravel Union操作后排序错误的问题 Fix the wrong order after using union method in Laravel query


The solution is to use the limit method on the two subqueries. You can use a larger number to ensure that all records are returned.


Laravel 5.5在浏览器中预览Notification渲染 Previewing Laravel Notification In Browser


For Mail, we can preview Mailables in the browser with the following code.


However, the MailMessage instance returned by toMail method in the Notification class does not give a direct method to preview in the browser in the Laravel document. We can use the following code.

在Laravel5.8及以上,MailMessage实现了Renderable接口(PR in Github),所以可以直接return MailMessage实例作为响应了。

In Laravel 5.8 and above, MailMessage implements the Renderable interface (PR in Github), so you can directly return the MailMessage instance as a response.