Laravel 5.5在浏览器中预览Notification渲染 Previewing Laravel Notification In Browser


For Mail, we can preview Mailables in the browser with the following code.

Route::get('/mailable', function () {
    $invoice = App\Invoice::find(1);
    return new App\Mail\InvoicePaid($invoice);


However, the MailMessage instance returned by toMail method in the Notification class does not give a direct method to preview in the browser in the Laravel document. We can use the following code.

Route::get('/mailable', function () {
    $message = (new \App\Notifications\FooNotification()->toMail("bar");
    return app()->make(\Illuminate\Mail\Markdown::class)->render($message->markdown, $message->data());

在Laravel5.8及以上,MailMessage实现了Renderable接口(PR in Github),所以可以直接return MailMessage实例作为响应了。

In Laravel 5.8 and above, MailMessage implements the Renderable interface (PR in Github), so you can directly return the MailMessage instance as a response.



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